How to Get the Photoshop Look, Using Your Phone!

I’ve always been the type that loves trying to do something myself first, without paying money for the name brand. 

I even do so with my business. I make my own business cards, my own props, my own sites, everything! Even down to the editing. I may one day switch to photoshop, but as for now I love love love editing with the tools I already have, for free.

So today I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s called “Aviary”. It’s in the same category as photoshop, renders your photos as high of quality etc. the only catch is that it’s on your phone! When I have a photography session and I edit photos for clients, I use Aviary. 

Let me show you how great it is.

This was the original image.

And after just a few minutes of editing on Aviary.

The best part? it’s SO easy to use and free. As a small business owner, and tech geek, I do love all the latest and greatest technology, but sometimes it’s best to go with what you know and use what resources you have to not only save money, but get the best quality product you can produce! 

I’m sure I’ll be posting more of these before and afters! Can’t wait to show you. 🙂


3 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

It’s currently 12 am as I’m writing this, and I can’t sleep! So I thought, what better way to use this time than to post something I’ve been researching just for you! 

I’ve seen a lot of affiliated posts, people advertising for certain products of what you should buy your mom for Mother’s Day. If your mom is anything like my mom, she won’t want a planner, or makeup contour kit, or a Gilmore girl coffee mug. This generation thinks if you’re using the same products as everybody else then you must be cool. 

So I thought I could search the web, find some interesting bloggers and promote their DIY tutorials. Not only will you save money, but it will give bloggers a chance to expand their ideas- without having to pay me for it. 

(All of the following images & tutorials belong to their rightful owners. I am simply giving you a way to get to their tutorial!)

1. DIY Crystal Jewelry


I adore this, and this is definitely something I’m going to try. This similar necklace goes for much more when purchased at a store like anthropology, etc. You can make your mom one too, Here .

2. DIY Magnetic Chalkboard


We live in a time where organization is everything… This cute shabby chic board would be perfect for to do lists, grocery lists, or even decoration. Find out how to make this for your mom Here .

3. DIY Succulent Pots


I’m doing this probably tomorrow. Love this idea. If your mom’s got a green thumb this would be the perfect gift for her! Find out how Here .
I hope this gave you some inspiration for the Mother’s Day that is right around the corner… Good luck! Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Refurbished Desk & Chair: From Rusty & Damaged to Shabby Chic!

Hi everybody!Long time no post.. I have a good reason I swear! I’m so excited to be releasing a project I’ve been working on, and give you some tips from my experience.

As some of my readers from my old blog might remember, I LOVE refurbishing furniture. 

Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with refurbishing furniture. I always make it so much more difficult than it has to be, and always get so overwhelmed half way through. But, when it’s all said and done, I am so proud of myself for the hard work I put in to create beautiful pieces. 

So far I’ve refurbished my great grandmothers old dresser, and my fiancé Geoffrey and I built and painted some side tables/shelves from our imagination with no measurements in mind, and they turned out beautifully! 

Those projects were fun, and the dresser was a tad bit overwhelming, but those were nothing compared to my newest quest. 

I purchased a desk from the 90’s for $25, and was able to get this antique judge’s chair for free. 


 Okay so here are some tips that I learned while doing this huge project:

  • Invest in an electric sander. We did, and it did wonders. We bought one for $30, and I can’t imagine hand sanding all of this. I probably would have died.
  • Do as much as you can at once, don’t take breaks or you’ll procrastinate and it will take you almost a week to finish. For me, I would start getting overwhelmed and walk away. I wish I would have just spent 1 day working on these rather than an hour here and there.
  • If you’re going to use chalk paint on household furniture, use acrylic chalk paint and wax from the craft section at Walmart. Not only do they have a wider variety of colors that hardware stores don’t offer, but it’s ALOT less expensive, goes on just as well as the chalk paint at lowes, homedepot, Etc., and most importantly- drumroll please- ITS NON TOXIC! This is so important if you’re a crazy anxiety filled freak like me.
  • Buy cheap disposable brushes. I bought a pack of 2 brushes for $2 for this whole project, and was able to paint and wax coat everything and dispose of the brushes afterward. I always like to buy disposable tools rather than nicer ones that way if I DO ruin them I don’t feel as bad about it.

Here is our finished product!

The thing I love about this, is that it’s unique and nobody else will ever have a desk like it. This is why the process of redoing furniture that sucks so bad is eventually worth it.

A little hard work goes a long way!

We ended up investing about $130 into the project, but are selling it (maybe selling if I decide not to keep it) for $250. That’s enough to cover the cost of making it and make a profit!

P.S. I would like to give a shout out to my crazy amazing fiancé for helping me with this. He out did himself with the heavy lifting and handy work on this desks and chair! 

I would love to see some of your DIY refurbishings! Comment what you think! 🙂