How to Get the Photoshop Look, Using Your Phone!

I’ve always been the type that loves trying to do something myself first, without paying money for the name brand. 

I even do so with my business. I make my own business cards, my own props, my own sites, everything! Even down to the editing. I may one day switch to photoshop, but as for now I love love love editing with the tools I already have, for free.

So today I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s called “Aviary”. It’s in the same category as photoshop, renders your photos as high of quality etc. the only catch is that it’s on your phone! When I have a photography session and I edit photos for clients, I use Aviary. 

Let me show you how great it is.

This was the original image.

And after just a few minutes of editing on Aviary.

The best part? it’s SO easy to use and free. As a small business owner, and tech geek, I do love all the latest and greatest technology, but sometimes it’s best to go with what you know and use what resources you have to not only save money, but get the best quality product you can produce! 

I’m sure I’ll be posting more of these before and afters! Can’t wait to show you. 🙂