OldTown Grapevine, Texas Snapshot

Goodmorning Goodmorning! I don’t have a lot to say today other than happy late Mother’s Day, I hope everyone had a great day with their loved ones! 

Yesterday I got the pleasure of strolling down some lovely little streets while doing some Tuesday afternoon shopping. A lot of the stores were closed, which was surprising to me because I thought it was going up…. On a Tuesday… (Sorry that was a bad joke.)

Anyways, as I walked the sidewalks with stroller in hand, I started noticing how beautiful everything was! There were such cute details in the town, and I thought I should capture that.

There is a store that just sells little nicnacs, but when you go in the very back they’ve got a room with all of these Christmas scenes set up and for sale. Of course my favorite is the how the grinch stole Christmas scene. I’ll definitely be going back. They even had an entire Halloween town!

From mini bistros, lovely blooming flowers, to an old fashioned theater! I’m in LOVE! (Side note, Geoffrey and I toured this theater when we were debating wedding venues.)

And last but not least, I had to snap a picture of Jace and I, he was not happy with me.

Even though our trip was cut a little bit short due to the crazy Texas weather-sunny and 80 degrees turned to severe thunderstorms and tornados- we had a great time, and will be back soon!

What your favorite small town, down town?



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