Caffeine & Quotes

Ahh yes, Saturday. Typically a Saturday is a nice relaxing day for most people. For me, I never have a relaxing day. It’s just in my blood to be constantly busy and doing something. And then I’m exhausted by the end of the night, and I can’t sleep in the next day so I wake up earlier than I have to just to do it all again! It’s a terrible curse being so chipper and optimistic all the time. 

Coffee gets me through sleepy mornings like today.  This is my blogging view this lovely morning! And yes, that’s a completed puzzle under my coffee that Geoffrey and I finished. It’s the United States. I’m proud of it. So proud, in fact, we are buying a frame for it.

It’s just such a beautiful day. There’s nothing I love more than days like today. I have a few photo shoots to do, then I’m off to a wedding later tonight! What a lucky life I live to be able to persue my passion, see family celebrate a wonderful day and even before that I’m able to sit here and sip my coffee while writing this to you. Goodness I am blessed!

Anywho, As I promised, I’m going to continue my 31 day challenge.
Day Two – Your Favorite Quotes

This one is too easy. I LOVE quotes. I love inspirational figure’s opinions on the things I’m going through. It makes me feel like such a part of the human race. We all feel, and think the same way, really. I like that.




And for the last, my favorite quote to live by….

What is your favorite quote? 



11 thoughts on “Caffeine & Quotes

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so hard for me to admire someone else (especially blogging success as I am just starting out) without questioning my own. I love these quotes!

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