Nash Farms Snapshot

Hey hey hey! 

Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy day, but it was actually such a beautiful day! So my family and I went to Nash farms in Grapevine, Texas! Jace slept most of the time but when he woke up I could hear him thinking to himself, “um… I went to sleep in the car and I woke up next to a goat.”

 There was so many cuties at this place! Now I want a farm.

There is also an old farm house on the property from 1869. It was so adorable it made me contemplate getting an old house like this, throwing my phone away and living simply like they did back then. 

And we luckily got a picture by a wagon! Such a cool experience.

 Just wanted to share! It’s raining now, I’m relaxing, watching I zombie, and enjoying the soft sounds of rain tapping at the windows. What’s your favorite rainy Sunday activity?



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