DIY Refurbished Desk & Chair: From Rusty & Damaged to Shabby Chic!

Hi everybody!Long time no post.. I have a good reason I swear! I’m so excited to be releasing a project I’ve been working on, and give you some tips from my experience.

As some of my readers from my old blog might remember, I LOVE refurbishing furniture. 

Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with refurbishing furniture. I always make it so much more difficult than it has to be, and always get so overwhelmed half way through. But, when it’s all said and done, I am so proud of myself for the hard work I put in to create beautiful pieces. 

So far I’ve refurbished my great grandmothers old dresser, and my fiancé Geoffrey and I built and painted some side tables/shelves from our imagination with no measurements in mind, and they turned out beautifully! 

Those projects were fun, and the dresser was a tad bit overwhelming, but those were nothing compared to my newest quest. 

I purchased a desk from the 90’s for $25, and was able to get this antique judge’s chair for free. 


 Okay so here are some tips that I learned while doing this huge project:

  • Invest in an electric sander. We did, and it did wonders. We bought one for $30, and I can’t imagine hand sanding all of this. I probably would have died.
  • Do as much as you can at once, don’t take breaks or you’ll procrastinate and it will take you almost a week to finish. For me, I would start getting overwhelmed and walk away. I wish I would have just spent 1 day working on these rather than an hour here and there.
  • If you’re going to use chalk paint on household furniture, use acrylic chalk paint and wax from the craft section at Walmart. Not only do they have a wider variety of colors that hardware stores don’t offer, but it’s ALOT less expensive, goes on just as well as the chalk paint at lowes, homedepot, Etc., and most importantly- drumroll please- ITS NON TOXIC! This is so important if you’re a crazy anxiety filled freak like me.
  • Buy cheap disposable brushes. I bought a pack of 2 brushes for $2 for this whole project, and was able to paint and wax coat everything and dispose of the brushes afterward. I always like to buy disposable tools rather than nicer ones that way if I DO ruin them I don’t feel as bad about it.

Here is our finished product!

The thing I love about this, is that it’s unique and nobody else will ever have a desk like it. This is why the process of redoing furniture that sucks so bad is eventually worth it.

A little hard work goes a long way!

We ended up investing about $130 into the project, but are selling it (maybe selling if I decide not to keep it) for $250. That’s enough to cover the cost of making it and make a profit!

P.S. I would like to give a shout out to my crazy amazing fiancé for helping me with this. He out did himself with the heavy lifting and handy work on this desks and chair! 

I would love to see some of your DIY refurbishings! Comment what you think! 🙂 



19 thoughts on “DIY Refurbished Desk & Chair: From Rusty & Damaged to Shabby Chic!

  1. nakamura1982 says:

    How are you?? I’m from Japan, my name is Kei. Nice to meet you.
    What a incredible your DIY furnitures and your respectable mind for it!! I was so impressed your products…I envy you because I don’t have particulary abilities which you are able to to make & reuse stuff!! I’m looking foward to seeing your next products. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mia says:

      Honestly about 5 hours if I went straight through and didn’t stop! But I spread it out over a few days just because I was feeling lazy! Haha


  2. Jasmin Saunders says:

    That turned out amazing. It is always fun to see an old and crappy piece come back to life. It is a lot of work but oh so worth it. You did a wonderful job and hope you get to enjoy your two beauties for years to come.

    Liked by 1 person

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