The Birthday Proposal

Love is in the air, let me tell ya. I’m engaged, about 70% of my friends are engaged, and now the most important person in my life is also engaged- my mama!  
Today is her 43rd birthday, and her amazing boyfriend, (whom somehow sticks around even though my mom and I probably drive him bonkers…) decided to propose. With some careful planning and sly fox-ness, we were able to pull it off. I am so so so glad I was able to snap some candids.







And here is my favorite. I believe it’s most likely my favorite because it shows how happy we truly are. We have been through so much. Things we didn’t think we would be able to stay strong enough for, and yet here we are. Lucky and in love with a beautiful life ahead of us. This past year has been one for the books.

Of course, my monkey was jealous he wasn’t in the pictures, so he made me take some of him on the way home. Hee hee.



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