Weddings & Family Fun Snapshot

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather! Well, it’s beautiful here in Texas I don’t know about in other countries where some of my readers are from. But, I hope it’s as nice there as it is here! It’s a windows open to let the sunlight in kind of day!
The only time I can ever really write is when my Monkey is asleep, so this one will be a fast post! 

Yesterday, I got to attend one of my future family member’s weddings, and it was BEAUTIFUL! You could literally feel the love! I’ve only been in one other wedding, so it was nice to attend a wedding for the first time! I took a trillion pictures so I thought I should post a few so you all could see the beauty in the details of my favorite things!

Here are a few of the flower arrangements. I’m in love.  



Here is our seats, even little Jace had a place card. Heehee.  
This is where I spent most of the reception because I decided to wear a little black dress when it was 40 degrees outside!!


And of course we had to get some family pictures! Rarely do we all dress up this much, so it was necessary! 😉


And now Jace is awake. Perfect timing, gotta go change some diapers & do some mommy duties.



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